Download My Book -”Whats It All About?”

Download My Book -”Whats It All About?”

On Nov 13th  2008 I was in a head on accident driving home from work, that day I was almost killed. Its so easy to be killed in today’s  rat race high pressure existance. I was left after this experience with the thought if I had in fact been killed that day, I had not had the opportunity to leave any kind of message of what I would want to say at my funeral soI thought about a DVD message [which I may still do] but having started a book already, I thought about a rewrite of the book with a different approach and with a recent incentive to get it done you now have this PDF version.

The book is is a work in progress so if you dont mind some disjointed notes at the very end and coming back later for the updates because there will be more chapters added. Email me  or fill out the blog mailing list form to put your name on the mailing list.

In parts of the book you will read about actual miracles God has done in my life and you will leave forever your atheistic beliefs I promise you.The challenge I give you is to be certain about eternity for yourself because we all will die one day.It is so easy to be killed on the roads for example as I almost did so Im asking you If you were to die today would you be eternally saved or lost?

Something to think about and more than just think about it, please read my book and make a real

decision for your future.

DOWNLOAD MY BOOK  here  right mouse and click save as:  “whats it all about?”


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