is evolution cheating
Right now I am pleading with you please to read this whole book through as I explain what I am trying to convey here.
Will you please give me the time to express my concerns about our kids, the moral decay, atheism and the world they are living in is providing little grounding in faith. I look around us and at every point we are all bombarded with stress from all angles, financial stress [you know what I am talking about] and the consequent stress on the family and marriage relationship. Compound that with the fact our parents may have failed to teach us little if any spirituality apart maybe from a token gesture of maybe a handful of Scripture classes at primary school and maybe attended a few christenings or funerals at a church and we really haven’t been taught much about what our existence is about and why are you and I here.
Evolution theories are taught at school as if they were actual fact and in fact the religion of Atheism is what is actually taught. Are you as concerned as I am about this? What chances do our kids have?
 Be logical – What about this AWESOME planet itself ? We know all the other planets in our solar system have not the environment needed to support life. E.g. Mercury is much too hot, too close to the sun, Venus has a gaseous cloud that keeps the ground temperature at 900 C. Mars to Pluto are way too cold, Gravitational forces on Jupiter are 2.5 times the force of gravity But this planet has an exact balance of correct quantities of gases and ozone [which we are
You would like to know the truth wouldn’t you?
If you have not considered these issues before shouldn’t you consider it now to make the right decisions for your life?
 Do human beings make mistakes?
Of course they do, Charles Darwin was a human so how could he be absolutely right? Evolutionists cannot explain answers to these following questions.
 Who started the “Big Bang”
10000000000000000000000000000 x 0
= 0 isnt it?
if such a beginning occurred? Why is there something here instead of nothing? Can a nothingness, a vacum create something? 
 How does “nothing” design exactly the needs for life when man himself alone with all genius cannot create life? The growth and presence of nutrients, amino acids and essential vitamins ,glucose for cells to grow and it all evolved and was replenished over millions of years? It all had to be present in an instant in order to sustain living cells, if protein was present without the nutrients necessary to feed it it would die.
How could the planet know that it had to evolve a life support system of growing trees to absorb the carbon dioxide that animals and man expire to then cleanse the air by taking in the carbon dioxide to liberate oxygen to keep the delicate balance in the atmosphere.
All blood clotting factors had to have evolved instantaneously which is impossible by Evolutionary theory as a random occurrence to enable life to be sustainable otherwise animals and man would have bled to death.
How do we get a year or month? From rotation around the sun and moon going full circle right? But what of the seven day week? Where do we get it from if not from the first Creation Week exactly as the Bible said it did ?
GENETICS itself is a replication of DNA material present in the beginning, minor variations only are possible within the same species eg changes of skin, eyes, hair colour but no one has yet been able to create life.
 If I pull apart a watch or any piece of mechanical machinery and put it in a box and come back 1,000,00 years later isn’t it still going to be in pieces? At the end of the day evolution and atheism is another religion not a science because it requires faith to believe that everything just came by chance.
What about the Holy Bible? Why is it now and always been world wide, the best seller ? Why has so many millions of martyrs during the dark ages defended it with their blood? It is claimed to be inspired by God and has provided comfort and hope to millions upon millions for thousands of years.
 The bible also speaks of a day of judgement and a current judgement process right now under way which once completed Jesus will come, If we die before that happens we will be at the judgement bar of God and after death it will be too late to change your beliefs,to repent and ask forgiveness.

The bible claims that due to the abundant evidences in nature, the human body, stars and planets there is no excuse not to believe in God Rom 1 :18-28 which challenges not only every atheist but everyone on the planet to investigate carefully holy writ to determine and be fully informed what its all about, why you and I here and what happens after death.


Right now, the challenge I have is to get any sceptic, perhaps you are one such person, to read on and take in my story which has a few periods of embarrassment at my own lack of faith at times, and some amazing “co-incidences” that I can only relate as being clear answers to prayer and the result of divine providence. I have had people say to me before I made believers out of them and anybody reading this book will have to draw the same conclusions or call me a complete liar and trust me why would I go to all that trouble?

No, if I care about you I won’t want to keep quiet model they can rely on to guide them to truth for their lives and to have the courage to go against the current of popular thought to accept and live out the truth in your own life.because I have either had first hand experience and seen the dangers or know enough about it to feel responsible for your safety because I know what is ahead, and I can be absolutely certain, I have experienced it.
Check it all out,please! Yes ,the answer is obvious and I would like you please to really Stop, take time to think. Think about eternity and the shortness and unpredictable nature of time and think also of what decisions you can make not only for yourself, but for your children and your relatives to be better informed by a role model they can rely on to guide them to truth for their lives and to have the courage to go against the current of popular thought to accept and live out the truth in your own life.
 One thing in today’s world we can thank evolution for is that the majority have taken God out of the equation, have rejected the God of Creation and rejected the Sabbath which comes around every seventh day ,to remind us of God’s love as Creator and rush around life anxious, full of uncertainties, increasing stress and mental illness abounds and with that coupled with such demands life puts on us we break down, suffer depression and many suicide as I almost did several times, not coping with that stress when all along the God of Creation is close by with tears in His eyes saying:
“Child don’t keep staring at your problems, I am here, you need that time with me desperately to ease your burdens, to learn to trust me, and know that I really am your Dad, I care about you, bring your burdens to me, I will take them off your shoulders, I’ll take the load off, I know your struggles, and griefs just come to me child”

How desperately this world needs to hear that message and to respond to it. How much do we need to be able to go to God the burden bearer and trust that He hears our prayers and has answers on the way to help us when we are in need.

Many of my patients I have known over the years have suicided, they needed to hear and know just how much we have a compassionate God who sympathises with our sufferings and wants us to have that close walk with God, may we strive to remember that our Lord looks forward eagerly to that prayer , that phone call to heaven to hear:
“Well its me again Lord, good morning I love you, thank you for being there, I need you today with my troubles again, please forgive me for my sins, I need your help… ” And Jesus would answer: “Fear not I am with you, I will strengthen you I will help you……Fear not I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mineIsaiah 41:10,43:1  

“My soul finds rest in God alone; salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken” Psalm 62:1,2

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