The Three Screams

keeping the seventh day Sabbath holy
Danny Shelton of 3ABN TV relates a story of great interest about a catholic lady , Theresa Boot who had been wanting to keep Sunday holy and was praying for God to guide her and her husband in the matter.
She turned on the television this particular day to 3ABN and the topic was about keeping the seventh day Sabbath holy and about the mark of the beast. She got upset and turned the TV off. That night she prayed again asking the Lord to help her keep Sunday holy.
The following day she found a book had been left on her porch about the seventh day Sabbath by a passer by. She gets even more curious and as she prayed about it she asked God if the seventh day Sabbath really is the right day that the topic of discussion should be about the Sabbath. Again she turns on the television and for the following two hours the topic Danny Shelton was discussing was about the seventh day Sabbath.
She writes a nine page letter to Danny Shelton which he reads discussing how Theresa and her husband were to be baptised at the church they were going to and she wanted more information on the Seventh Day Adventist Church and requested Danny to reply to the letter. Danny puts the letter in his drawer intending to answer the letter himself. It is eight weeks before he finally realises he hasn’t replied to the letter of this woman who has been drawn to consider and seeking more information to answer her questions regarding the Seventh day Adventist Church.
Danny says to himself:

” I should have answered this letter eight weeks ago! ” This very night at exactly that time, both husband Frank and his wife were praying about a forth coming baptism into the charismatic church they were attending at the time. Both knew and heard with a belief the seventh day Sabbath was still binding from Scripture. Both were praying a prayer for guidance and after completing the prayer both looked at each other and her husband said

“Well that hasn’t helped, I wonder who we could talk to? 3ABN don’t know about us.” Theresa said

” Look if could talk to someone like Danny Shelton then we would know what to do”

It was at that exact time their daughter answers the phone and she calls out:

” Mummy, Daddy its Danny Shelton on the phone,

In disbelief and shock Frank Boot marches over to the phone meanwhile his wife screams out in excitement and disbelief:

“Hello can I help you, who is this?

” Its Danny Shelton,”…before Danny could get another

Shelton!!” She lets out another scream and hurries to the phone. Danny is not understanding what’s going on then the wife gets on the phone :

” Is this really Danny Shelton?” He utters a “yes” then there is another scream of excitement then they are able to tell the explanation to Danny about their prayer and how God so wonderfully answered their prayer in such an astounding way.

Never limit our God, He is marvellous and can do anything. If you dear reader were as equally astounded by this story as I was when I heard it please consider doing a few things.

From this blog download this story in PDF FILE , download the MP3 files connected with this book on the link  “Download my book”which go into more detail covering these stories and more that support the topics covered in this book.

1. Please look up Amazing Facts website and download and watch the videos series closely .

2. Start regularly watching 3ABN for yourself online on or if you have it on cable in your district.

3. Also watch Hope Channel Christian TV on It is the official Seventh day Adventist Channel.

Contact a Seventh Day Adventist Church minister near you for more information about Seventh Day Adventists.

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